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Steps to Follow when You have been Hacked

Your computer may one day get hacked. This is a time when the natural reaction is to panic in despair as you try to recall what could have caused it. There are a lot of options for you to take at this time. Here are some of the things that shall help you manage the situation effectively.
You should not panic. While this may seem impossible at the time, you need to do so if you are to salvage anything out of this situation. If your computer is part of a wider network, you need to take it off grid. Check to see that you have disconnected from either Wi-Fi or a physical connection. You then need to notify the IT experts of the situation.
You then need to shut down the computer and take out the hard drive, so that the virus does no more harm to it. You can get the UT tram to help in this. Connect the hard drive to a clean computer to see what you can save from it. Whatever can be saved should be stored safely, such as in the cloud, another hard drive or optical drives.
Proceed to wipe the hard drive clean, remaining anything in it. You can now reconnect it and reinstall your software. This may take a while, but it shall be a clean start. You need to start with an update to your anti-virus software. This is when you go for the best anti-virus there is. It shall be worth the cost. You can discover more about them here.
You will have to change all passwords, from social media to the banking apps. The hack may have been to get a hold of that info. You need to make sure what they have if they have it, is useless.
You need to then pay attention to your other accounts such as online shopping ones. Some hackers are known for taking advantage of this and diverting your purchases to new addresses. There is also a need to go through your social media to confirm that no malicious messages were sent. You need to let your contacts know that you had been hacked, so they do not comply with any strange requests. Check also for the presence of new accounts in your name.
You then need to back up and store all your files safely. This shall come in handy in case you are ever hacked again. You need the backup to be updated as frequently as possible.
You should find out more on what they were after. For a business, they may have been after money, but also your business account information. You shall need expert help to figure out what it is they could have wanted. You shall learn more about this from this site.